P.E.T. Preform

ACM never stops spending on R & D, focusing its own division for filling water in plastic bottles and concerning the safety standards and taste of water decided to invest in producing own preforms and plastic caps for water filling bottles. As some water are packed in exactly the same bottles as carbonated soft drinks and would therefore carry many of the same requirements, but some may vary.
STRENGTH: Unlike carbonated drinks, the bottle filled with still water needs only enough strength to hold water and to survive impact. It's requirement is reduced to 13gm, 17gm and 33gm with neck type T.o. 30/25 range in most cases.
COLOR & CLARITY: Crystality & A.A. value label clarity is one of the most important reasons why PET is used for bottling water. PET used in water bottles needs to be very clear and maybe even slightly blue in color to look fresh. A resin with higher levels of copolymer adds to the clarity.
PURITY: Because water is a flavor less product, having a plastic that remains tasteless and odorless is imperative. In general terms, PET doesn't affect the taste of the product it protects and therefore is a key material for bottling water.