Al-Amoudi has a quality control laboratory with complete instruments used by a skilled and well trained quality controllers for every job as follows:
1. Digital weighing scale: to know the amount use of every material applied.
2. Scratching scale: to know the resistance of varnish in the TFS, AFS, ETP of printing quality.
3. Tumbling scale: to know the amount of weight loss in the crown cap.

4. Secure seal test (SST): to know how much the PSI of alu-cap.
5. Capping machine: using for alu-cap to test the SST-Secure Seal Test and opening torque test.
6. Spring torque tester: to know how much the opening torque of alu-cap.
7. Microscope: to view the unseen thing that we cannot see by our naked eyes.
8. Copper sulphate test: to know if crown is corrosion resistant.
9. Micrometer: to know the material thickness. &  Full set of laboratory instruments for :     
A) Alu Caps      B) Crown Caps    C) Plastic Caps       
D) Pet Preforms      E) Printing Line.